There’s not that much space for…

27 January 2008

There’s not that much space for wild plants on my roof-top terrace except for a couple of unused plant pots. This hairy bitter-cress is the first of the very limited flora present to start flowering this year. It would be interesting to test if these wild plants have found their own way up onto my three storey high roof terrace or whether they have been introduced with the soil. I might try an experiment similar to Patrick Roper’s window-box wildlife project and fill a container with sterile soil and record what comes in naturally.

Hairy bitter-cress Cardamine hirsuta

While investigating the plant pots for wild flowers I noticed a couple of amphipods hoping about under one of them. I would imagine they are the introduced Australasian species Arcitalitrus dorrieni. I wasn’t able to get a decent photo unfortunately. They’re not the easiest of invertebrates to photograph!

Use of handmade ring flash diffuser for the hairy bitter-cress photo. Produces a much better result, with softer shadows, than putting the ring flash on the end of the lens.

Also managed to get some shots of this Porcellio scaber, the most common isopod on the roof terrace.


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