The wind died down enough today…

22 January 2008

The wind died down enough today to get some photos of the Steatoda grossa on my very exposed roof-top terrace. This colourful adult female was guarding a web full of spiderlings and didn’t take kindly to being moved for a better photograph and was determined to keep it’s cephalothorax covered by it’s legs. This was the best of the images and utilising a special home-made flash diffuser/reflector I was able to get some nicely lit shots which showed up the orange tinge to the cephalothorax which is difficult to reproduce in a photograph.

Steatoda grossa, Roof-top Wildlife - 01

This species used to be scarce in Britain but is becoming much more common and is turning up at number of new locations. It is of particular interest in Britian as it is probably the most venomous of native British spiders that is able to envenomate humans, although a bite is no more serious that a few hours of moderate pain in the region bitten.

These were the best of the other pictures taken:
Steatoda grossa, Roof-top Wildlife - 02

This image shows the well patterned abdomen of this individual with the pale stripe to the front of the abdomen and the pale triangles running down the middle of the abdomen. These markings clearly seperate this species from the closely related, introduced (and much more aggressive) Steatoda nobilis.

Steatoda grossa, Roof-top Wildlife - 03

This is the female in it’s web with spiderlings under an upturned bonsai pot. A favourite spot for the species.

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